Twój Florres


CLAVITERAPY- a natural method of treating pain.

The clavitherapy method improves the body in a non-invasive way, stimulating it to activate self-repair processes. The technique uses clavics, which are special tools that look like nails. They are made of surgical steel, which ensures the safety of the procedure.


  • disorders of the nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems

  • improperly functioning immune system

  • disorders of the digestive system disorders of hearing, vision and smell,

  • Anomalies related to the genitourinary system,

  • conditions having to do with the musculoskeletal system

  • various types of pain (e.g., from the spine, sinuses, headaches, associated with sciatica, and even migraines).

Single Room

Each room is equipped with a single bed, closet, desk and bathroom with shower.


    A 3-bedded room equipped with three single beds or a double bed and a single bed. Each room has an LCD TV, a closet and a desk. The bathroom


      A combination of two rooms - a guest room, with a kitchenette, and a bedroom.